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Professional in ABC Analysis and Concept

PR-Logisticar is a Finnish company established in 1995. Its operations are based on the ABC concept and analysis.

Logisticar is a company specialized in management of the entire supply chain, consulting, training and software solutions. Our staff have 30 years of experience in logistics development and purchase operations for large and medium-sized companies.

We enhance companies’ information, material and cash flow management by streamlining operations and focusing on the essential. This is based on knowledge of the situation of our clients’ companies and organization of efficient management.

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Logisticar’s operating areas are e.g.

Corporate analysis

Comprehensive supply chain development projects

Training and consultation

Management and reporting systems

Reporting and monitoring tools for the management

Our Philosophy

Logisticar’s mission is to create improvement in profits for customers. We help them to improve their results by utilizing Logisticar operating model and training their personnel.

Our mission is to generate significant improvement in our customers profits

Customer saves time, effort and money

Satisfied customers return a small share of the profit improvement to Logisticar

Our mission is to generate significant improvement in our customers profits

Customer saves time, effort and money

Satisfied customers return a small share of the profit improvement to Logisticar


The Logisticar software has been in production use since 1995. The founder of the company, Pekka Räisänen, has successfully applied the Logisticar operating model in practice since the early 1980s.

An essential part of the operating model we provide is the Logisticar software we have developed ourselves. The software is constantly being developed, and 30 % of Logisticar personnel work with product development. In addition, Logisticar Oy provides training and coaching (both user training and general training, e.g. purchasing training). So far, we have trained approximately 15,000 material and production management professionals, 2,200 sales professionals and 500 management representatives!

The number of users of the Logisticar operating model is growing both in Finland and abroad. Currently we operate in 28 countries on all continents. The significance of good supply chain management is ever increasing and in our view, this significantly increases Logisticar’s opportunities.


Logisticar’s mission is to create a significant profit improvement for the customer. We help the customer improve their performance by making use of the Logisticar software and through personnel development. In our view, the customer should not have to pay for consulting or the information system, but rather the performance improvements achieved through them. The mission of the consultant and the software is to produce tangible and measurable results for the client.

”If a consulting and training company can organize and lead their customer companies towards sustainable success with their subject competence and operative measures, their consultation is good and trustworthy. There is no need for other kinds of consulting and training companies.” (


The Logisticar concept is based on the 9-class ABC concept we developed based on the Pareton 80/20 rule. It can be applied in purchasing, sales, management, stock and production control, personnel time allocation and control of customers’ stock.

Our key customers include import companies in the trade sector, wholesale businesses, retail chains and their outlets, the assembly industry as well as the spare part and maintenance operations of industrial companies.

Business idea

The purpose of the Logisticar operating model we have developed is to enhance our customers’ supply chain management, allowing it to turn into a significant improvement in our customers’ performance. We provide a guarantee of improved performance up to 100 % as needed.

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