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Case ABB

Increased security of supply with Logisticar operating model.

Project numbers

Service level/product availability increased by 20 %
Inventory value decreased by 23%

“With the help of Logisticar operating model we have been able to maintain top position as the best supplier in the industry. We keep product availabiity high cost-effectively and in return we get satisfied customers.”
- Marko Utriainen, Head of Business

Problem Solving

ABC logic has been successfully applied at the Porvoo factory for twenty years. Logisticar operating model is used in fact-based decision making and to optimize overall operations.


With a sensible and customer orientated product policy, ABB Wiring Accessories was able to cut in half the amount of inventory items and security of supply was raised from 80% up to 99%. By maintaining this operating model, security of supply has stayed at steady 99%. This in turn is reflected in high customer satisfaction.


ABB Wiring Accessories in Porvoo develops, manufactures and markets residential and commercial construction equipment as well as Jussi and IMPRESSIVO® surface mounting products. The product range also includes solutions for intelligent house automation that promote energy efficiency, such as ABB-free@home control system, KNX home automation and Welcome -door entry systems.

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