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Case Autokeskus

Lowering the amount of work with the help of Logisticar operating model.

Project numbers

Service level/availability increased 36%

Inventory value/inventory turn decreased about 3%

Amount of work/expenses decreased 40%

“Let’s do the right things and do them correctly. We were able to see the results just within few weeks and amount of work went down 40%”
- Teija Pesonen, Development Engineer

Starting Point

At the start of co-operation with Logisticar, we did not have any other parameters but our inventory turn. Our warehouse staff ran daily between the shelves to check what was sold and what we needed to order more. The most common filters were ordered in large batches, but other items were ordered one by one. Logisticar helped us to see how much extra work were doing and we realized that key for smarter inventory control is elsewhere.

Problem Solving

Logisticar operating model is now used to track parameters by unit and brand. Autokeskus monitors inventory turn, service level, workload and overstock. Product policy was upgraded and both order points and purchase lots were re-defined. Items were redirected using ABC-logic and most important items got their specific steering values. After this product policy was easy to maintain and whole supply chain has clear parameters and reports. ABC-logic is also actively utilized.

Steering values are constantly calculated on the background checking the consumption and re-stocking all the units is now regular and based on facts. The consumption history of items is also closely monitored. Autokeskus also utilizes Logisticar to sell unsalable parts online and monitors any left over products.

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