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Case Ponsse

Improving product availability and customer service level.

“As a globally used software, Logisticar has standardized operational procurement practices and practices in both Ponsse Oyj and its subsidiaries. Availability and the service level experienced by the customers have improved.”
- Teija Pesonen, Development Engineer

Starting Point

Prior Logisticar operating model, Ponsse used ERP to plan all the purchases. Substantial number of items and complex simulation design posed challenges to the operational process. The purchase planning was not consistent and utilizing ABC-logic needed improving.

Problem Solving

To use Logisticar operating model required the definition of a functional interface: what data would be transferred from ERP to Logisticar and what data would be returned from Logisticar back to ERP system. After this, the personnel were trained and deployment of Logisticar was phased.

This resulted in an established way to plan purchases for order-controlled items. New reporting tools provided effective information on items with slow inventory turn or respectively, items with high volumes. The cost of the global order-delivery process relative to sales was reduced. It is now easier to manage the quantities of items ordered to ensure product availability.


Ponsse is one of the world’s leading forest machinery manufacturers, whose customer-driven operations are still guided by the wishes and needs of the forest machine entrepreneurs. Ponsse’s products cover the many demands which are required for efficient wood harvesting methods around the world: Wood types range from pine trees to eucalyptus, so the machinery has to withstand both tropical rainforest and arctic frosts while machines need to move on the terrain without causing harm to it or climb fast even the highest slopes.

Ponsse specializes in the production, sales, maintenance and information systems of forest machines based on the cut to length method.

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